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"I love this product, and it is a hit..."

- Phil Lempert,

"The written word does no justice for Garlic It! Its one of those products that awakens your taste buds and makes you salivate once the lid of the jar is popped."

- Eric, Bite of the Best

"It may be straightforward in terms of ingredients, but its uses are virtually unlimited..."

-2011 Foodie Gift Guide, Northeast Flavor Magazine

"The moment I tasted this product at the 2011 Summer Fancy Food Show, "UMAMI!!!!" was the first word that popped into my head..."

- Miri Rotkovitz, Gourmet Food (supporting article about the 5th taste umami )

"I must say that I am quite impressed with this stuff it adds a great garlic flavor to everything without being too overpowering or harsh."

- Jenni Ward, The Daring Kitchen

"you can seriously eat it directly from the jar...not that I did that...Okay, I completely did just that!... I really think GarLic it is a fabulous product!"

- Shawn Maye, Shawn's Plate

"My favorite so far is the Tomato Curry Sliced Garlic Finish for chicken, fish and veggies."

- Barbara Rolek, Eastern European Food Guide for

"I popped open the jar and stirred a tablespoon of the bronze shards into a pot of orzo, transforming it into an upscale accompaniment without any effort whatsoever."

- Derek Lee, The Best Food Blog Ever

"I received a jar of GarLic It! at a hospitality event. It is marinated sliced garlic & I can no longer live without it in my kitchen."

- Alana, Girl with a Glass

"We use GarLic it! all the time and now we call it 'Gar Like It' and we don't care. "

- Peri G, Home Chef

"I have already eaten the entire jar myself...I didn't even share with my husband..."

-Christie R, Home Chef

"My boyfriend brought home your Chipotle GarLic it!...and I wish he'd brought more than just 3 jars. I can tell I'm going to become addicted to it!!!"

-Heidi R, Home Chef

"...we picked up two jars of your delicious garlic in Stamford, CT... I have to say very impressed ...this may be an East Coast Sunami."

-Joe P, Home Chef

"Tonight we created a homemade pizza with the GarLic it! Basil Sliced Garlic. Incredible!!! It's terrific stuff! I actually ate a spoonful of the garlic straight from the jar too."

- Bill T, Home Chef

"After one bite, I knew I needed to stock up... - So delicious!"

-Stacy B, Home Chef


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